Our goal with TriggerFX has been to make designing a level in unity as quick, simple, and as much fun as possible, starting from day 1.
If scripting gives you a headache, or if you just want to save time on the boring stuff then TriggerFX is the tool for you.

TriggerFX is essentially a toolbox containing a fully customizable trigger that can be hooked up to a whole bunch of cool and dramatic effects (light, movement, explosions, etc.), all neatly integrated into the unity
editor for clear and easy tweaking.

Effects can be used stand-alone or connected to a trigger.
A trigger can be set up to use any combination of mouse, keyboard, collision, and/or raycast events to fire off a customizable sequence of effects. The effects provided form a comprehensive set of the most
essential building blocks you need to bring your game objects to life, literally within minutes, without scriping a single line of code. However, if you absolutely insist on typing your own special code, you can use scriptable triggers and custom effects to fully integrate with TriggerFX.

Please check out our playable demos and tutorial videos. Enjoy!

TriggerFX is a collaboration between CT Sharp and Digital Forest